Saint Louis

Saint Louis

I moved to Saint Louis almost 3 years ago now and time has sure flown by. I remember when I first found out I was going to move to Saint Louis for work. I was worried. I heard that the city was the "most dangerous" city in the country. I knew about the city's reputation. It had me a bit on edge.

As I began to look at apartments and explore the city, I heard a very different story. I heard about the history of Saint Louis. I learned that many of the statistics are skewed based on the fact that Saint Louis city is an independent city, free from being associated with a county. The stats are based on the city's boundary, which is much smaller than what people actually consider Saint Louis to be.

People are proud to live in Saint Louis. They are proud of the city, the culture, the sports and the rich history. Residents are so proud of the city that they literally wear "STL" clothing everywhere they go regardless of whether they are shopping, watching a movie, going out for drinks or exercising. There is something unique about their affinity for the city. A customer once summed up this affinity. He told me:

If you love the city,

the city will love you back. 

This statement made an impact on me. Saint Louis started to grow on me and this is one of the reasons I proudly show Saint Louis on my labels and many of my shirts. I am now a proud resident of Saint Louis. I love the city, the neighborhoods, the diversity, the culture and the rich history.

Saint Louis is a vibrant up and coming city that has been here for centuries. I am proud to build and grow JON BLANCO alongside this historic yet ever-changing city.



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