Inspired by the World

Inspired by the World

Inspired by the world and dedicated to its peopleIt is the first thing we profess in our philosophy. It is paramount to the brand. But why? As I mentioned in my last blog post, Jon Blanco is an extension of who I am and what is important to me. For me, my journey begins growing up in of all places, Omaha, Nebraska.  Being in a mid-sized city in the midwest, who could have even imagined that the world would touch me so profoundly?

I am the product of a multi-racial home, an ethnically diverse neighborhood and an ever curious personality. I made my friends playing basketball at a local court called Rock Park. Although it wasn’t perfectly built, nor kept up for that matter, it was perfect for me. It was a place where people from all backgrounds came to play. It became a proving ground where people got together, competed, struggled and shared in a common experience.

Despite the cracking concrete on the court floor, the impact of having Rock Park was strength, endurance and vitality. This unlikely location was the foundation for new acquaintances and lasting friendships. Rock Park was a world in and of itself. It introduced me to new cultures, new languages and new ideas. It challenged me to reach new heights, literally and figuratively. This place will always hold a special place in my heart. It helped fuel my interest in learning about the world and where my friends come from. This passion for learning has led me to study abroad twice, to visit multiple countries and to build and maintain friendships with people who are different from me, whether based on country of origin or ideas.

This is one of the many reasons Jon Blanco is inspired by the world. I look forward to sharing more as the journey continues. 


Our Philosophy: Inspired by the world and dedicated to its people, Jon Blanco is a clothing brand that believes the best design is creative simplicity. We, at Jon Blanco, believe each person should explore their identity, their culture and their way of being.  Through this process, we hope people will be inspired to pursue knowledge about the world, different cultures and new ideas. The ultimate goal of this philosophy is to bring people together to work toward a better world.
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